The Equipping ministry at Ventura Vineyard is designed to provide tools and skills to help those attending to:

  • Use the gifts, talents and skills given by God to enable His purpose in the church and community
  • Mature in their relationships
  • Become more fulfilled and at peace in our place and purpose in fulfilling God’s kingdom in our homes, community and church







The Transforming Gift of Dreams I Sundays, 9AM

   Dreams Class is beginning September 16th.  Ken Schmidt, a licensed therapist, will be leading a class Sunday mornings 9 AM which will help you learn how to do your own dreamwork. Every week Vineyard has two statements of faith on the screen before us.  One is Living From the Inside Out and the second is Engage – Transform – Respond.  

   Crucial questions for us then are, “How do we change what is inside us so the living we do reveals Christ? and “How are we transformed?” The Bible is filled with stories of God using dreams to guide people. Now Ken’s experience has led him to deeply trust that the Spirit gives us our dreams to help transform who we are within. As this occurs, the Spirit is more and more able to lead us from the “inside.” Dreams are not interpreted but are experienced through this process. Ken has seen people transformed before his eyes in small dreams groups in which people are loving one another as each one works through their dreams.

    Ken knows he is not doing it. No, it as a marvelous gift that all can receive and practice. In the midst of the learning is a lot of humor and awe all mixed together. Join us!









Praying the Psalms I Sundays, 9AM

God said of David, “This is a man after my own heart.” (Acts 13:22) We are all familiar with the stories of David, from his early life as a shepherd, to his victory over Goliath to his moral failure with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah. So what makes this man a man after God’s own heart? What sets him apart? What does David’s relationship with God look like, and how did he express it? To answer these questions, we will look at the most intimate portrait of King David, expressed in his own words in the Psalms, where his relationship with God is illustrated in some of the most beloved passages in the Bible. There is no charge for the class, but please register so we have enough materials for you.









Vineyard 101 I Sundays, 9AM

Join Pastor Bob Harper and Richard Sochel for a two-part series detailing the history of the Vineyard movement, the origins of the Ventura Vineyard, and unique identifiers of the Vineyard. Then engage in interactive exercises designed to help you discover how God wired you for serving the church and the community. The class runs from Sunday, September 16 to Sunday, November 18. Register today!










VKids: Fall-ing Into Science I Sundays, 9AM

Young children love to ask questions. They’re naturally curious about the world. Every scientific conclusion began as a mystery. If we take a child’s questions seriously and help them to investigate, their natural curiosity will develop into a scientific perspective on the world. This fall we want to help the children of VV stay curious and investigate the mysteries of this endlessly fascinating world!  Sign up now for this 10 week class from Sept. 16 to Nov. 18 at 9am.  Contact Amanda at amanda@venturavineyard.org with questions.














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